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AnQore une fois!

I have completed my second assignment as an interim professional at AnQore. Again, it's been a very enjoyable project covering a maternity leave. Having worked in the chemical industry for almost 13 years prior, working at AnQore felt like coming home to me.

Certainly, I missed the fast-paced environment and the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances - especially in light of the current market's impact on industries. I really loved it!

AnQore's entire team made me feel very welcome and those months flew by so fast!

To offset (part of) my CO2 emissions during this assignment, I donated to Treesforallas as it is grounded in the foundation of my company.

In total 40 trees will be planted: 20 in The Netherlands to increase edible forests for sustainable food production and 20 in Borneo to restore tropical forests and habitats for the orang-utan. I am very proud that I am able to contribute to this cause!

To the entire AnQore staff, thank you for having me and the very enjoyable time I had!

So in future and if the occasion arises, I would say "AnQore une fois!"

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