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Choose Valour and change the world with me

Choose Valour Consulting because not only I am very experienced, but I also want to get to know the organization and the people I work for. I want to get a thorough understanding of the issue presented, so I can help to the best of my abilities. I want to get to know you: to understand your current needs and anticipate your future needs. Not only will I look at the numbers, but I will also have a look at the entire process and the people involved.


My view: finance is often at the backend of a process. So, in order to work on the figures, you need to know the entire back-to-back process: how it works at the front end, how the entire process is set up and how it moves through the organisation. Adjustments here and there can have a substantial impact.

Next to that, there are always people involved. What I have found to be essential is happy co-workers and colleagues.  I can empower people, to fit work into their position which gives them energy and makes them happy. Change does not come naturally to (some) people, it is important to take employees/coworkers along when wanting to adjust or change. It is important to create a support base.

Trees for All

After an assignment or project is done, I will donate to Trees for All to plant trees. First to celebrate our collaboration, but also to offset my CO2 emissions during the assignment. I value sustainability and by planting trees, I give back to the environment, to society and to the generations after me.

Valour Consulting

In short: Valour.

I chose this name simply because of the meaning. After steady employment for 18 years, I decided to venture out on my own and become a Company of One.  The responses of people around me consisted of “how courageous”, “bold”, “sturdy, “daring” and “brave” etc.

It is also derived from the word "Valorisation" which means to add value. That is exactly what I want to achieve: to add value to your company or organisation. A long lasting value, which continues after I am gone.

The logo also has a meaning, the V is partly shaped as the Aries symbol, but is also a tick mark, as in Well Done. The color of the V is a soft petrol... because I like that colour..

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