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Living la vida Leco

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

My very first assignment is done!

I covered for a maternity leave at LECO Europe BV in Geleen and I am very thankful for the opportunity given, but I am especially thankful for the amazing people there. They are all so very kind and welcoming! During the entire time I felt as a part of the Leco-family.

I couldn’t wish for a better and nicer first project to start with as a freelancer. Those months have flown by.

And perhaps this is not a goodbye, but a see you later!

(Well.. I will swing by to check out the new kitchen anyway!!) 😉

Taking over during a maternity leave, I made sure that all processes kept running smoothly and took care of the statutory and reporting audit of 2021 for the French subsidiary.

As a part of the closure of any assignment, I will donate to Treesforall. A donation to this cause is in honor of wat my company and I stand for. I value sustainability and by planting trees, my co2 emission during an assignment will be reduced.

So for the very first time I have donated to TreesforAll. (And hopefully it won’t be the last time!) In total 40 trees will be planted: 20 in The Netherlands to increase climate-proof forests and 20 in Mexico for restoring mangroves.

A worthy cause rooted in the beliefs of my company.

Thanks for reading and until the next Valour blog!

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