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Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Perhaps you have seen the pictures of me on a bike on this website.. I like to bike around the city, go to the market, libraby etc. Though I love to do this, I'm not a real cyclist myself and I appreciate the local cycling club, Den Duiker. This year, I decided to sponsor them because they're not just about cycling; they're about community. And I'm proud to see my company's name on their cycling jerseys.

My sponsorship contributes to their events and other initiatives. Despite my lack of cycling experience, I enjoy the stories of the camaraderie during their rides as my dad is a very active cyclist and proud member of the cycling team for almost 15 years.

So, whether you're a cyclist or not, consider supporting Den Duiker. It's not just a way to strengthen and give back to the community; it's also an opportunity to proudly represent your company on their cycling jerseys.

But if you are a cyclist though, you can also join the cycling team where you can count on great rides, fun and lots of kilometres!

(Frequent blog readers might know that I like to link to a song to my blogs.. and well.. the title was a dead giveaway)... (or not?)

Note: the website of Den Duiker still shows the previous jerseys. Their website will be updated soon!

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