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Proud Rianne

I am not only the proud owner of my own company (and FYI: I just started my fourth interim assignment as Business controller at Esaote Europe in collaboration with Sparke & Keane), but I have also joined the network of Ondernemende Vrouwen Maastricht (Entrepreneurial Women of Maastricht).

My company description and what I offer as an OVM member was published today on International Women's Day, a very happy coincidence.

The fact that I am part of this group of strong, independent & entrepreneurial women makes me feel proud. We have members who work in a wide range of fields: catering & good food, graphic design, mediation, educational & pedagogical counseling, coaching and so much more! See what OVM women have to offer on the website.

To end this short post and in to celebrate International Women's Day, a great song by a great female singer.

(Isn't this classic just perfect?)

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